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New to Pinterest? Here are a Few Tips from the Pinterest Team to Help You

New to Pinterest? Here are the basics: 

  1. People save Pins 
    People save things they like on the web to Pinterest. The Pins they create are like visual bookmarks that link back to the websites they came from.
    Each Pin is saved to a board, which are collections of Pins organized by different themes or topics like “Recipes to try.”
  2. They discover more Pins 
    People don’t just save Pins from the web, they also save stuff on Pinterest by searching or browsing feeds and boards. When people save something they’ve found, more people get a chance to see it.
  3. People click Pins to do more
    When they want to see or do more, people click Pins to visit the website it came from. Then, they can go ahead and buy products, sign up for your service or read more.